Chandramukhi 2 Movie

Chandramukhi 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to the acclaimed horror film Chandramukhi, directed by P. Vasu, has finally hit the big screens. Starring Raghava Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut in pivotal roles, the movie explores the challenges faced by a wealthy family, led by Radhika Sarathkumar, as they grapple with deep-seated issues. Rao Ramesh advises the troubled family to seek solace by offering prayers to their family deity, located near Vettaiya’s palace. Little do they realize the malevolent presence of Chandramukhi’s evil spirit within the palace, leading to unforeseen trials for Radhika’s family. The narrative unravels the connection between Madhan (Lawrence) and Radhika’s family, delving into the mysterious desires of Chandramukhi’s spirit.


1. Kangana Ranaut’s Stellar Performance: National Award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut shines in her portrayal of Chandramukhi, delivering a stunning performance. Her on-screen presence is captivating, and her dance moves are a visual treat.

2. Polished Backstory: The film successfully polishes the backstory of Chandramukhi, with Kangana’s portrayal allowing for a fresh perspective. The second half features compelling drama, and Lawrence’s portrayal of the Vettaiyan role is commendable.

3. Intense Action Sequence: A standout action sequence towards the end, featuring Kangana and Lawrence, is expertly composed. Both actors display solid intensity, contributing to a memorable set piece. Emotional scenes, particularly those featuring Lakshmi Menon, add depth to the narrative.


1. Lack of Thrilling Moments: Chandramukhi 2 disappoints in the horror genre as it lacks the essential thrilling moments expected from such films. The absence of a spooky atmosphere, beyond mere jump scares, hampers the overall horror experience.

2. Comedy as a Drawback: The film shifts its focus towards drama, leaving fans of the franchise longing for more thrills. Comedy, once a strong point in Chandramukhi, becomes a drawback in the sequel. Vadivelu’s character is cliched, and the over-the-top comedy feels outdated and irritating.

3. Weak Screenplay and Editing: The screenplay format closely mirrors the original, but the execution falls short. The first half feels disjointed, with unnecessary scenes, and many portions could have been trimmed for a more engaging experience. Editing, VFX, and cinematography, though passable, do not reach their full potential.


Chandramukhi 2 manages to engage to a certain extent, primarily due to its stronger second half and the altered storyline. Kangana Ranaut steals the show with her exceptional performance, while Lawrence impresses in his role. However, the film falls short of delivering the expected thrills in the horror genre. The overemphasis on comedy, coupled with a lackluster first half, detracts from its overall impact. While not a bad film, Chandramukhi 2 may not achieve the same level of memorability as its predecessor, making it a somewhat average cinematic experience.”

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